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Reintroduction of Summer Activites/Athletics - Phase II

Horizon Parents:

Phase Two of the Reintroduction of Athletics and Activities in Adams 12 begins this Monday, June 22.  Please read the following documents to stay informed about Phase Two, as there are some adjustments to schedules, the amount of workouts, and the introduction of indoor workouts.  

If your student has not yet signed up for Marching Band, Poms, or Cheer workouts, or you have questions about those activities, please contact:

Erica Fleeman

If your student has not signed up for workouts with one of our sports teams, or you have questions about HHS athletics, please contact:

Marty Tonjes

As we move forward into Phase Two, please remember to complete the self health screen before practices and keep a log of the information on the document provided by Adams 12.  If students have not completed the self-screen, they will not be allowed to workout with the team. 

Lastly, we want to thank you for being flexible throughout the reintroduction phases!  We appreciate the way our parents and students have adhered to the health guidelines and protocols set forth! 

Phase Two Info: Eng

Covid Waiver: Eng

Phase Two Info: Esp

Covid Waiver: Esp

Student Self Screening Log

Face Mask Protocol


A Very Special Thank You to Our Athletic Sponsors for 2019-2020

Hull & Zimmerman, P.C.
Custom Fence & Supply
Toll Brothers

Athletic Secretary: Kimberly Wiesinger
(720) 972-4433

Athletic Director: Marty Tonjes
(720) 972-4406


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