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Hire Education

Horizon High School Hire Education
Meeting the Needs of Students and Our Business Community
A high school program that combines community work experience and the classroom.

What is Hire Education?
Hire Education is an integral part of the Business and Marketing Program at Horizon High School. Through the Hire Education Program, students have the opportunity to receive elective credit for Work Experience, through part-time employment.

Hire Education (On-the-Job Training)
    Students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in class to the workplace. Interested students will be enrolled in HIRE Education after the class has begun. A HIRE Education coordinator will work with students to identify and apply for employment opportunities that match the student’s skills and interests and align with the pathway the student has completed. 
    Students should not enroll in HIRE Education as a separate class on the course registration selection form. The HIRE Education Coordinator will sign students up after courses have begun each semester.

Credit can be awarded as follows:

  • 250 hours of documented work = 1.0 credit
  • 125 hours of documented work= .50 credit
  • 62.5 hours of documented work = .25 credit


  • A student may not be enrolled in and/or receive credit for more than one HIRE Education (On-the-Job Training) class at a time.
  • A student may not count more than 2.0 HIRE Education (On-the-Job Training) credits towards graduation.
  • HIRE Education (On-the-Job Training) credit may not be included in, nor does it count toward the 6.0 credit total required yearly for each student.

Which students qualify to earn Hire Education credit?

Students who are currently enrolled in one or more of the following courses:

Accounting I & II 
Business Law 
Advanced Computer Applications 
Introduction to Business 

International Marketing 
Food & Beverage Management

Computer Applications
Java Programming
Web Design

Benefits to the Student-Employee:

  • The opportunity to earn additional elective credit for satisfactory work performance in qualifying jobs
  • An opportunity to apply concepts and skills learned in the classroom on the job
  • The opportunity to observe the application of Economic, Business, Computer, Marketing, and Management concepts learned in the classroom in the real world of business
  • The potential for a more meaningful and comprehensive job experience
  • Possible permanent, seasonal, and/or part-time college employment may result from your Hire Education Program participation
  • Feedback on the student-employee’s actual job performance

Benefits to the Employer:

  • The opportunity to work with student-employees who have an educational background in Business and/or Marketing
  • Having student-employees whose goal is to pursue a career in Business or Marketing
  • In many cases, the Hire Education student-employee is more motivated, conscientious, and customer service oriented than a typical teenage employee
  • The Hire Education program provides greater employee accountability
  •  Assistance in finding student-employees with the availability, skills, and personal characteristics that make them a good fit in your organization
  •  The assistance of the Hire Education Coordinator and the Horizon High School Support Staff in helping the problematic student-employee