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Hire - Rules

We ask employers to: 

  • Compensate the student employee at a fair rate of pay in accordance with state and federal regulations 
  • Provide competent supervision for the student employee 
  • Provide an opportunity to the student to gain a well-rounded, realistic work experience and to progress as proficiency permits 
  • Assist the Hire Education Coordinator by evaluating the student’s work performance 
  • Inform the Hire Education Coordinator of the student’s progress and any changes in employment status 
  • Provide equal employment opportunities 
  • Abide by State and Federal labor laws

We ask the student employee to: 

  • Follow all company policies and regulations 
  • Accept the responsibility of being a productive employee 
  • Call the employer if ill and unable to attend work 
  • Give appropriate notice (2 weeks) to the Hire Education Coordinator and the employer before terminating employment or job credit will be forfeited and the student-employee will forfeit any future participation in the Hire Education Program!
  • Successfully complete the classroom portion of his/her education to receive credit for on-the-job experience

The Hire Education Coordinator agrees to:

  •  Monitor the student employee’s employment experience with the cooperation of the employer
  • Award elective credit for the work experience if satisfactory progress is achieved in school and on the job
  • Assist employers and student employees in making each work experience successful