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Family and Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Science

Horizon High School's Family and Consumer Science program is dedicated to providing students with the tools to succeed in life during and after high school.  Students will learn a variety of skills including: Early Childhood practices, health, nutrition, safety, life skills, professionalism, relationships, diversity and more.

By the end of taking a FACS course, students will be able to:

  • Describe best practices for young children
  • Explain major theories related to early childhood education
  • Identify major developmental milestones
  • Understand the improtance of observation and reflection in teaching practices
  • Describe proper nutrition for all age levels
  • Identify important relationship roles in families and the community
  • Demonstrate the basic knowledge of a variety of careers and occupational aspects
  • Identify and act on their own interests after high school
  • Develop educated consumer decisions
  • Focus on personal success, wellness, and goals
  • Aquire academic knowledge and an understanding for the skills necessary for careers, future, and overall health. 

Classes offered for FACS:

  • Early Childhood Education 101 and Guidance Strategies for Young Children (formerly ECE I)
    • Students in this course are given the opportunity to observe and work in the on-site Early Learning Center. 
    • Students must register for both courses 
  • Life Management (formerly Independent Living)
  • Culinary Nutrition