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AP Calculus BC Summer Assignment 2018


Welcome to BC Calculus! Calculus, like all of math, builds upon itself. Thus, it is expected that you have a strong foundation from Calculus AB but rest assured, we will make it stronger throughout the 1st semester with review of AB topics while incorporating new ideas to them.

All students enrolled in AP Calculus BC should complete this summer assignment.
All answers must be justified with work (algebraically, graphically or verbally).
All justifications must be neat, complete, organized and written in the space provided.
A calculator should only be used on problems where calculator use in indicated!
It is best to START working on this assignment May 16th, but do not wait until the last minute to complete it. This assignment will be checked for completeness and will be due Thursday, AUGUST 16, 2018.

PDF iconAP Calculus BC Summer Assignment 2018-19.pdf

Suggested online resources: - -

Join my remind group by going to and you can contact me this way for questions,OR just text the following @bccalcs to 81010.

Have a great summer and I cannot wait to see you in August!!!


All students enrolled in a Mathematics course MUST have a TI-83+ or TI-84+ graphing calculator.

We believe that homework supports and enhances student learning by allowing students to practice skills, deepen understanding and become more confident in their mathematical ability.  The Contemporary Mathematics teachers will assign meaningful homework problems two or three days a week that students can complete in a (weekly) total of 30-40 minutes.  We will ensure students understand the concepts  and have the necessary skills to successfully complete these assignments before assigning them as homework.  We will provide timely feedback on student homework, with time allotted in class and/or outside of class, for student clarification.  Homework is an assessment of developing knowledge and understanding, and hence will be scored in the "formative assessment" category of the gradebook.

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