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Math Department


Welcome from the Horizon High School Mathematics Department!

In the 21st century, a vibrant democracy depends on the full, informed participation of all people. We have a vast and rapidly growing trove of information available at any moment. However, being informed means, in part, using one’s sense of number, shape, data and symbols to organize, interpret, make and assess the validity of claims about quantitative information. In short, informed members of society know and do mathematics.

Mathematics is indispensable for understanding our world. In addition to providing the tools of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistics, it offers a way of thinking about patterns and relationships of quantity and space and the connections among them. Mathematical reasoning allows us to devise and evaluate methods for solving problems, make and test conjectures about properties and relationships, and model the world around us.

(Taken from the Colorado Mathematics Standards)

Horizon's Mathematics Course Offerings

  • Math 1 Foundations
  • Math 1
  • Math 2
  • Math 3
  • Math 4
  • Algebra 2
  • Math 1/2 Block
  • Math 2/3 Block
  • Math 3/Trig Block
  • Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
  • College Algebra+
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics
  • Discrete Mathematics*

 *Seniors only

+Concurrent Enrollment (worth 1 math credit and 4 FRCC college credits)

See a trajectory of our courses under Math Courses near the left of this page. Our district has chosen to use Big Ideas Integrated Mathematics as the base for our guaranteed and viable curriculum. NOTE: Teachers will be supplementing Big Ideas Math this year with some of Florida Virtual Schools' resources during the 2020-2021 school year.

Calculator Reminder!

NOTE: We are only renting calculators to special populations this year. There are calculators built into Big Ideas Online, Schoology, and other online resources students can access this year.

All students enrolled in a Mathematics course MUST have a TI-83+ or TI-84+ graphing calculator. These can be purchased at a variety of stores and online. We also have calculators students can rent for $20/school year. You can either rent one at the bookkeeping office or at Just show the teacher the receipt and they'll check it out to you.

Philosophy on Homework

As mathematics teachers, we believe that homework supports and enhances student learning by allowing students to practice skills, deepen understanding and become more confident in their mathematical ability.  We will assign meaningful homework problems two or three days a week that students can complete in a (weekly) total of 30-40 minutes.  We will ensure students understand the concepts  and have the necessary skills to successfully complete these assignments before assigning them as homework.  We will provide timely feedback on student homework, with time allotted in class and/or outside of class, for student clarification.  Homework is an assessment of developing knowledge and understanding, and hence will be scored in the "formative assessment" category of the gradebook.

Homework Help and the Math Help Center

NOTE: During this period of remote learning, there will be no math help center. Students are encouraged to reach out to their teacher for assistance using their preferred contact. Wednesdays are asynchronous learning days and may be the best opportunities for students to receive additional assistance, practice, and to schedule opportunities to correct/retake assessments. If/When we return to the building, announcements will be made about Math Help.

Horizon math teachers provide homework help and supervise test re-takes and corrections in the Math Center. Three days a week, for as many periods as possible, there is a math teacher in mobile 2 to assist students. There is a schedule under Documents below.

Here are some additional online resources. As you navigate these pages, please use the key words in the chapter headings or learning objectives to find appropriate remediation. - - -

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