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APWH China Webquest
Go to  Song Dynasty in China (960-1279) Columbia University Website
Click on "The Beijing Qingming Scroll: The Starting Point for this Unit" moving the bar below it. Check the correct order for the various scenes. A color version of the scroll can be found  here.
To check answers regarding the various activities go to the main page and click on "Cities/A New Kind of City" scroll down and click on "Get a closer look..." Then do the same on "Hangzhou and the Urban Elite" and "The Rainbow Bridge." 

Shops and Commerce
Go here and explore. Attempt answers to the various questions and then check your answers (you do not need to record these attempts--simply do it on your own).
Do the same thing for  Means of Transportation  and  Individuals on the Street.

I. Influence of China 

Go to the following link:

Read about the following five “gifts”: silk, tea, porcelain, paper, printing, gunpowder, and Mariner’s compass. Briefly describe the following for each “gift”:

A. Document how it was developed in China

B. How it was transmitted to the West

C. Explain its significance over time

II. Buddhism

Go to the following link:

Click on “Origins of Buddhism” How, when, and where did this major religion develop?

III. Diffusion of Buddhism

Go to the following link:

Explain why there was a close link between Buddhism and trade along the Silk Roads.


Crime Web Quest Links:

Sociology - Baca/Boyes/Cialone/Madole

Crime and Deviance Statistics

  • Homocides in New York City  -- Using the interactive map, make several observations about murders. What do you notice about age, gender, ethnicity, or borough? What other interesting facts did you find?
  • Definitions of Crime  -- In your own words, define what the following mean as defined by the State of Colorado: aggravated assault, simple assault, burglary, larceny, robbery.
  • Crime Trends in Colorado  -- Click on the various reports for crimes in Colorado. Which crimes seem to be on the rise in Colorado? Which are declining?
  • Colorado Statewide Totals  -- Using Excel, create a graph that shows the top 3-4 categories of crime in Colorado for 2009. Create a second graph that shows the top 3-4 categories for juvenile crime in 2009. Describe similarities or differences that you see.
  • Crime in Thornton  -- Make at least 10 observations regarding crime in Thornton. For example is crime on the rise or decline in Thornton? How do crime rates in Thornton compare with the rest of the state? How do crime rates compare with national averages? What sort of crime is most common?
  • FBI's Most Wanted  -- You are the sociologist. Read the bulleted descriptions for each criminal. Do you see any patterns? Did anything surprise you? Jot down a couple of observations.
  • Cyber Crime  -- Pick a story and write a 2-3 sentence summary of what you read.