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ELD Department


English Language Development (ELD) Instruction at Horizon is:

  • Designed to support students in developing listening, speaking, reading and writing English.
  • Delivered by certified teachers who are trained in how students acquire an additional language.
  • Carefully planned to meet the language needs of each student.
  • Made understandable because teachers use special techniques such as hands-on activities, visuals, demonstrations, repetition, songs, graphic organizers, gestures, drama and much more.
  • Taught in such a way that students can draw on what they have learned at home in their first language. ELD values students' families and languages.
  • Instruction that allows students to show that they understand in a variety of ways.
  • Given in a safe environment that values each student's unique background and language.
  • Making connections to the content ELLs are learning throughout their day whenever possible.

The ELD courses include: Newcomer, Entering, Emerging, Developing and Expanding English Language Development. Students are enrolled in both ELD and grade level Language Arts classes in order to accelerate proficiencies in academic language usage through all content areas.