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Boys Golf

Boys Golf

Boys Golf Information 2018

Coach Mitch Dean   303 929-1481

Check Horizon's website frequently for updated information this summer!!

Tryouts:  Monday August 6th and Tuesday August 7th at Riverdale Golf Course.  Mark these dates on your calendar!!!  Meet at Riverdale Golf Course by the putting green at 8:00AM.  

Preparation:  secure the required paperwork from the athletic department ASAP.  Check the Horizon website for required paperwork to participate in Horizon athletics.  Make arrangements immediately for a physical.

Turn in all required paperwork & fees to the athletic secretary in August during athletic check in.

Monday, August 6th report to the putting green next to the clubhouse by 8:00AM.  Have your paperwork from check in with you to give me.  If you have not completed check in, you will not be allowed to try out for Horizon golf this year!  If you miss tryouts on Monday & or Tuesday, there are no make up dates.  Therefore you will NOT be a part of Horizon's team.  If these dates interfere with summer work or vacations, I'm sorry, but our season begins on August 10th & our team will be established on Tuesday August 7th after you complete the second day of competition.

Bring money for the driving range and for your rounds of golf.  You must pay for your rounds of golf each day & use of the driving range.  Pay at the pro shop.  Call the course for costs of the Knolls and the Dunes. 303 659 - 6700 Ext. 11.  You must walk the course.   You may have a pull cart or push cart ( highly recommended ).  You will play 18 holes of golf each day.  Monday, we will play the Knolls course, Tuesday, the Dunes course.  Bring bottled water or a drinking cup, moist towel, snacks, money for food, the driving range & your greens fees.

I would encourage you to play these courses this summer to become familiar with their designs.

I only keep 10 - 12 positions on the team.  During tryouts, I will use your best front nine or back nine scores each day to determine your overall 18 hole score.  Example - Day 1 on the Knolls, I shoot a 43 on the front nine & a 47 on the back nine.  On day 2 on the Dunes, I shoot a 50 on the front nine & a 45 on the back nine.  Taking my two best nine hole scores each day, I would select my 43 on the front nine of the Knolls & my 45 on the back nine of the Dunes for a total of 88.

Dress: All courses have dress codes.  You must wear a polo shirt or mock tee.  You may wear khaki shorts.  No tee shirts, untucked shirts, jeans, or cutoffs of any kind are permitted.  Inappropriate dress will prevent you from trying out.

Required: You MUST attend both days and finish 18 holes of golf each day to qualify for one of our ten – twelve positions.  You must also be eligible academically.  If you fail to meet either of these requirements, you will not try out nor qualify for Horizon’s golf team. 

Practice, practice, practice! You should be at the putting green and chipping green daily.  You should be practicing for one to one and a half hours almost daily.  At the driving range, every shot you take has a purpose.  Distance is not the only goal.  Accuracy is critical.  Know the distance you hit each of your clubs! You should play at least once a week.  Play with people you don’t know. This adds pressure and helps you handle pressure situations.  As you play, keep track of the number of fairways you hit, the greens you hit in regulation, how many chips did you land on the green and how many putts on each hole.  By doing this you will be able to focus on the part of the game that needs more attention?  Then consider this...How would you play the course the next time? 

Clinics:  Riverdale conducts clinics & lessons all summer long.  Hopefully you will take advantage of them.  Call the clubhouse at 303 659 - 6700 Ext 11. to get more information on their clinics.  You can also go online to find this information at  Other courses offer clinics as well.  Contact Thorncreek Golf Course, Indian Tree Golf Course, Flatirons Golf Course & or Gold Crown Foundation for times, dates, & costs.

Equipment:  You are responsible for your equipment and all accessories and required golf essentials.  Be prepared when you come to the course.

Weight Room:  The weight room is open all summer.  Take advantage of this.  Take a friend to help you with your workouts.  Increasing your strength is a necessity in golf.  Contact Horizon High School for weight room information & costs.

Goals:  Why are you trying out?  Why are you playing?  Your goals should be to improve your game, to compete, and to have fun.  Listen to instruction, ask for help, and work on the advice your coach (s) gives you.  Realistically you should shoot near a 90 to make Horizon’s golf team.  This creates a lot of pressure.  You must be able to handle it. 

Ethics:  Like any sport, we have very clear ethical practices for our participants.  Cheating of any kind will result in immediate dismissal.  Profanity, throwing clubs, being disrespectful towards the course, course officials, teammates, coaches, and yourself will also result in immediate dismissal.  We demand respect, good sportsmanship, and your best behavior at all times.

If you text, call, or email me, be sure to include your name.  I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Coach Mitch Dean

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Boys' Golf Schedule 2018

Monday August 6 & Tuesday August 7 - boys golf tryouts at Riverdale Golf Course.

11:00 AM tee time.  Report to the patio by the restaurant & clubhouse at 9:30 AM with your paperwork, money for the driving range and payment for your round of golf.  Call Riverdale Golf Course (303 659-4700 Extension 11) for current price of greens fees.  

Monday August 6th - play Riverdale Dunes. You must pay for your round of golf and use of the driving range.  Tee time 11:00 AM.   Report to the patio by the clubhouse with your paperwork by 9:30 AM.  I will assign tee times by 10:30.

Tuesday August 7th - play the Riverdale Knolls Course.  Tee time 11:00 AM.  Check in at the pro shop and pay your greens fees & buy a range token  by 10:00 AM.  Report to me at the patio for your tee time.

Monday August 13th 8:00 AM Shotgun - Greeley West Spartan Invitational @ Highland Hills; Leave Horizon High School @ 6:30 AM.             ( 4 players )

Wednesday August 15th - League Match #1 @ Fossil Ridge hosts at Southridge Golf Course, Ft. Collins, 7:30 AM shotgun start; leave Horizon High School @ 6:00 AM ( 5 players ) 

Thursday August 16th,  Eaton Golf Invitational which will be at the Eaton Country Club. Shotgun start at 8:00 AM.  ( 4 players ); Leave Horizon High School @ 6:30 AM. 

Wednesday August 22nd ...Broomfield Eagle Classic 2 Man Best Ball Invitational 7:30 AM Shotgun start,  Broadland's Golf Course:                    ( 2 Teams ).  Report to the Broadlands Course by 6:45 AM. 

Thursday August 23....League Match #2; Loveland Invite - 8am shotgun…Loveland Olde Course…( 5 players ); Leave Horizon @ 6:30 AM 

Thursday August 30th, League Match # 3; Mountain Range hosting at Riverdale Knolls, 7:30 AM shotgun start;  ( 5 varsity players ). Report to Riverdale by 6:30-6:45 AM

Thursday August 30th Estes Park Boys Golf Invitational 8:00 AM shotgun:  ( 4 players ); Leave Horizon High School @ 6:15 AM

Tuesday September 4th The Ranch Country Club The Tay Invite hosted by Northglenn High School 8:00 AM shotgun ( 4 players );  arrive at the Ranch Country Club by 7:00 AM 

Wednesday September 5th, League Match #4; hosted by Boulder High School; Flatirons Golf Course; 8:00 AM shotgun Start; leave Horizon @ 6:15 AM. 

Tuesday, September 11th, League Match # 5 at Harmony Golf Club Ft. Collins; 9:00 AM shotgun, ( 5 players ). Leave From Thorncreek Golf Course parking lot @ 7:15 AM.  

Week of 9/17-Regional Week

Oct 1st/2nd-State Tournament