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Boys Golf

Boys Golf

 Coach Mitch Dean at

2022  Boys' Golf Rules & Announcements

Tryouts:  tentatively Monday August 1st & Tuesday August 2nd.  All participants must complete both days of tryouts in order to be considered for the golf team.  I keep a maximum of 12 players.  Your cumulative best 18 hole combined score determines your consideration for the golf team.

Introductions:  Coach Dean, Coach Trenkamp

Place my information in your phones.  Text me your name & email address that you use most of the time; when I contact you to see if you are available to play, miss school, or are ill, please send me a response immediately.

Report to practice on time.  Report to the driving range and warm up with putting mechanics and swing mechanics:  pendulum stroke followed by one hand accuracy swing, other hand accuracy swing, & both hands accuracy swing.  Concentrate on mechanics: core, arm position, point  of contact & focus. 

Stations:  driving range, chipping / pitching green, putting green

Rules at driving range.  Every shot has a purpose, a direction, and a target.  Don't waste swings to just hit the ball.  You get one token / practice when we use the driving range.  Finish your driving range practice by playing simulated holes 

Chipping / pitching green - stance; swing mechanics.  Work on landing zone, type of shot, different club usage; you should be practicing here all year long.  If you chip or pitch fifty balls, work on 100, work on 150, work on 200

Putting green - stance, alignment, distance control, grip strength, lag putting; two putts, reading slope; tempo; 30 minutes minimum / day

Never & Don't sheet:  these essential rules are for YOUR SAFETY!

Games & Drills:  vary for each practice.  These games are fun competition to put you in a match competition, the same you will face during every round of golf you play.

Discuss care of course - repair divots & ball marks; no displays of anger or frustration, no throwing clubs, balls, pushcarts or teammates; 

pace of play; social distancing; individual responsibilities ( only touch your equipment, leave flagstick in the cup, no contact of any kind with another player or golfer, 

Smooth footprints & club marks in the bunker with your feet

Scoring - Download CHSAA App!  During most matches, you will keep your score electronically on your smart phone. A scorecard will be used as a backup.

Rules Exams:  emailed weekly throughout the season.  Complete, print out or email me results only if you don't have a printer.

Matches: in order to play in a match any given week, you cannot miss any practice immediately prior to the match .  The exceptions are school related function, family necessity.

Arrange work schedule around your practice.  Always remain academically eligible! Grades are monitored weekly

Goals: why are you playing golf? What do you hope to attain from playing? How are you going to benefit the team?  What are you committed to do to make yourself better? 

Varsity Letter:  to earn a varsity letter, a player must compete in three varsity matches & complete 54 holes of varsity golf.  If a player becomes ineligible due to academic issues, ineligibility may prevent a player from earning a varsity letter.

All players must attend all practices, be punctual, be respectful, demonstrate integrity, & be supportive of his teammates.

Tryouts will be August 1st 10:32 a.m. and 2nd 11:00 at Riverdale Golf Course