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Registration Information

All enrolled students must register online for the new school year. Online registration replaces the standard check-in process at schools. In order to receive class schedules before school starts, all students enrolled in eligible schools must complete the online process. Online registrations occurs during the summer before the school year begins. Find out more.

Reg Guide 2020-21        PDF icon Reg Guide 2020-2021 SPA




Document(s)SizeUpload Date
Microsoft Office document icon Reg Guide 2020-21 PDF.doc840 KB03/03/2020
PDF icon 10th Grade Registration Form 2020-21 PDF.pdf766.23 KB01/28/2020
PDF icon 11th Grade Registration Form 2020-21 PDF.pdf770.15 KB01/28/2020
PDF icon 12th Grade Registration Form 2020-21 PDF.pdf769.98 KB01/28/2020
PDF icon 2020-21 Business Courses LONG Version.pdf427.44 KB03/02/2020
PDF icon 2020-21 AP Application.pdf99.23 KB01/28/2020
PDF icon 2020-21 College Course Agreement Minus Accounting.pdf84.84 KB01/28/2020
PDF icon 9th Grade Registration Form 2020-21 New.pdf621.07 KB03/03/2020
PDF icon English.pdf488.56 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Family and Consumer.pdf235.26 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Fine Arts- Art.pdf425.73 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Fine Arts- Communications.pdf443.78 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Fine Arts- Music.pdf873.67 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Fine Arts- Theatre.pdf634.55 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon HHS Registration Guide 2020-2021 SPANISH.pdf1.07 MB02/25/2020
PDF icon Mathematics 1.pdf310.77 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Physical Education.pdf215.38 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Science.pdf279.89 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon Social Studies.pdf226.2 KB01/27/2020
PDF icon World Language.pdf229.08 KB01/27/2020