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Emergency Information


Safe2Tell provides a safe, easy way to report information about anything that is a concern to school or community safety. To anonymously report a safety concern please call 1-877-542-SAFE (1-877-542-7233) or go online to

School Crisis Management

To assist in providing a safe and secure learning environment for Horizon High School students and staff, Safety and Security created the following guidelines for parents and community in the case of a school crisis.

  • Always consider the information provided by Adams 12 Five Stars Schools as official and the most accurate information (a call by one student with a cell phone can easily become a source of misinformation).
  • Check the following sources: the Adams 12 Five Star Schools website, local media, and your phone (our rapid call auto dialer system can make more than 100,000 calls per hour).
  • It is extremely important our parents keep all of their contact information current in Infinite Campus. (Call 720-972-4430 if you cannot access your Infinite Campus Portal Account.)
  • It is also important parents do not go to the school until they receive a request from the district auto dialer, email or the district or Horizon website instructing them to do so.

 Safety & Security: Types of Action

Adams 12 Five Star Schools utilizes the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). View these responses in detail on the district website.