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Gifted & Talented in Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Our School’s GT Coordinator(s) Contact Information

Name(s): Julie Hewitt

When is GT testing in my school?

Universal Screening: In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, 2nd and 6th graders who are not already identified GT participate in the Universal Screening process for potential gifted and talented identification. For more detailed information regarding Universal Screening in Adams 12 click here

Important dates for the Universal Screening process at our school: Testing is done on an individual basis. Please contact the GT coordinator for your school.

Parent/Staff/Student GT Recommendation: All students can participate in the GT identification process by submitting a complete body of evidence. For more detailed information regarding the GT recommendation process in Adams 12 click here.

If you are interested in having your child be considered for the GT identification process you need to contact your GT Coordinator for school specific information.

Important dates for the GT Recommendation process at our school:  Testing is done on an individual basis. Please contact the GT coordinator for your school.

Important dates for the GT Recommendation process at our school:

Gifted & Talented Program Offerings

Advanced Curriculum & Extended Learning:  “The Vehicle”

Provides the depth and complexity needed to ensure meaningful academic growth

Our school offerings include the following CP classes: English 9 and 10, Economics, US Government, Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Chemistry 1, and Physics. 

We also offer the following AP classes: English Language arts, English Lit, Calculus A/B , Calculus B/C, Statistics, US History, Psychology, World History, Biology, chemistry, Physics C, Environmental Science, Studio Art- 2D,3D and drawing,  Computer Science Principals, Spanish, German, and French. 

We also offer SOAR (Students of Academic Rigor) is a four year comprehensive program which provides an accelerated, rigorous course load across three majors: Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts and Math/Science.

Differentiated Learning Pathways:  “The Roadmap”

Provides an education at the appropriate level of readiness and challenge

Our school offerings include: In individual classrooms teacher provide high quality of questioning, choices in assignments pieces and higher order thinking skills are encouraged and motivate the gifted learner by using deeper analysis and synthesis questions within their course work.

Individualized Opportunities & Enrichment:  “The Customized Options”

Actively engages and motivates through interests and meaningful learning opportunities

Our school offerings include: We offer a wide variety of clubs and sports. Here are just a few: National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Speech and Debate, Class Leadership, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, Chess club, French National Honor Society, FBLA and Battle of the Books. For a complete list or description of a club please visit:

Social-Emotional Learning:  “The Destination”

Focuses on developing the whole child by balancing empowerment and accountability

Our school offerings include: At the beginning of every year our counselors survey 9th grade students regarding the transition from middle to high school.  This is the time that our counselors build relationships with students. Our counselors collaborate with the Heath teachers on suicide prevention and awareness. They offer a variety of support groups included in that are social emotional, grief, school success and anxiety topics. Please reach out to your counselor for more information.