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FAQs for Incoming 9th Grade Students and Parents

Horizon High School

9th Grade Information Night FAQs

August 2018

What is Integrated Core?

Horizon integrates English and Social Studies at the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.  These two subject areas compliment one another to promote critical thinking and give students a more global perspective.  The Core Class meets for two consecutive periods each day and is led by two teachers (English and Social Studies).

What is a blocked Math class?

Block classes meet daily for two consecutive periods and at the end of the year, students will have earned two years of a math curriculum in one year.  This allows students to take advanced classes in the four years they are at HHS, better prepares them for college entrance exams at the end of 11th grade, and gives them the opportunity to take more advanced math classes in 10th - 12th grade.

What clubs and activities are offered to promote student involvement at HHS?

In addition to the fall, winter, and spring athletic teams, HHS offers more than 35 clubs/activities in which students may choose to participate.  A description of each club is listed on the HHS website. Announcements are also made about club meetings and flyers are posted throughout the school.

How many days can my child miss school?

District policy allow parents to call in 5 discretionary days per semester, Any absences after the 5 days requires a Doctor's Note, Verifiable Family Emergency, Legal Documentation.

What happens if I use all 5 Days and do not provide acceptable documentation?

Absences are marked as unexcused and could lead to building level behavioral interventions, district level truancy steps, Teachers may not accept missing assignments or tests from those days.

How long do I have to excuse an absence?

48 hours; We will work with delays related to obtaining documentation for absences

How do I get my student out of school early?

Parents need to call the attendance line to request an exit pass. He Pass will be given to the student during their day, indicating when they should report to the attendance window to be excused to leave the building.

What if my child gets sick while at school?

The student should go to the health office, The Health Aid will determine if parent contact needs to be made. Students are allowed to walk home if they are sent home through the health office.

Can my Student Leave Campus?

9th grade students and students with less than 6 credits are not allowed to leave campus.

Are cell phones allowed at school?

Yes, However they are not allowed in academic settings. An academic setting is any time of the day that is instructional based and lead by a staff member. This is typically indicated by the student’s schedule.

What happens if my students cell phone is confiscated by the teacher?

Cell phones are turned into the Dean’s and a phone call to the parents is made to provide instruction on obtaining the phone.

Can my student carry a backpack in their classes?

Yes, students may have their backpacks in class.

Can my student eat during class?

It is up to each classroom teacher for the policy for eating and food in class.

Where can I get HAWK spirit gear?

DECA sells it, there is a school store with a link on the HHS homepage.  The various clubs, activities, and athletics will sell their own throughout the year.

HHS Dean Alignment

Student Last Name Dean
A-F Mr. Gussman
G-M Ms. Paul
N-Z Mr. Garcia

HHS Counseling Alignment

Student Last Name Counselor
A-C Mrs. Rollison
D-Hi Mrs. Moquin
Hj-Mi Ms. Shields
Mj-Se Mr. Muedeking
Sf-Z Ms. Schwab
SOAR Program Mrs. Neumann

Tips for Success in High School

  • Develop your organizational system.
  • Use a planner.
  • Check your grades regularly in Infinite Campus (I.C.).
  • Communicate with your teachers!
  • Don’t forget to self-advocate.
  • Utilize Intervention period (7:10 - 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday)  to get additional help from a teacher, make-up a test, work on a missing assignment, or catch up on material from a day of absence.
  • Bring your Chromebook to school and use it for academic purposes in class.
  • Turn in your work.  Partial credit is better than no credit!
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