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Hawk Nation Remote Learning Expectations

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Hawk Nation Remote Learning Expectations

  1. School Starts @ 7:45am. Everyday!

  2. You will not be admitted to the classroom, if your name doesn’t match what is on infinite campus. 

  3. Use your first and last name (the one in infinite campus) when on zoom or google meet.  

  4. Be patient... Admitting students into the classroom from the waiting room can take time. 

  5. Mute your audio when you aren’t talking.

  6. Turn video off unless instructed otherwise -- Video usage will be left up to the teacher.. 

  7. Make sure you register for zoom and access schoology through your Dashboard, utilizing your Adams12 credentials.  

  8. Let your teacher know if you have technology issues within the class hour by emailing them

  9. Each student participates on their own device.  

  10. School dress code and code of conduct still apply in the virtual classroom.     

  11. Know the procedure for asking questions or giving reactions in each class.

  12. Display hawk pride at all times.

  13. Rise to the occasion and own your learning experience!