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2022/23 - Student Body Officer Elections

Banner of the Student Body Officer Elections for the 2022/23 school year

2022/23 - Student Body Officer Elections (SB) Form

Meet Your Candidates! 


Ava Glaza

I am Ava Glaza and I’m running for Student Body Vice President for the 2022/23 school year. Next year I will be a junior and it will be my third year in Student Government. My main goal as Vice President is to make the activities that Student Government hosts more engaging and unique for the Student Body. I feel like students are tired of doing the same events for spirit weeks, assemblies, fundraisers, etc. that Student Government hosts throughout the year. Obviously, traditions are important too, but I want to bring new things to the table. Based on how successful our first annual Peach Fuzz Tournament was, I knew participation wouldn’t be a problem. So, this year I came up with the idea of bringing a Dodgeball Tournament to Horizon. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time in the school year to do one this year, but I want to make sure it happens next year. Also, we always do the same spirit days for Homecoming and Prom alike, which has resulted in less excitement about dressing up. To combat that problem, I want to send out a google form to the Student Body in order for them to have the chance to vote on certain spirit days and possibly give suggestions of spirit days they want to do in the future. I also think our fundraising has become repetitive. We always do a Food Drive. Not that we can’t do another Food Drive, but what about a Book Drive or raffles & auctions? Overall, I think that Student Government needs to come up with new ideas that are more exciting for the Student Body to participate in. This can become a reality if you vote Ava G. for V.P! I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Sammy Saiki

Hi, my name is Sammy Saiki and I am running for the position of Vice President for the 2022/2023 school year! I have several goals pertaining to the growth of Horizon and its student body, one of the most notable I would say is creating new and exciting experiences for us students to enjoy and participate in. My Freshman year was cut off by Covid and now I am on my path to Senior year. Which doesn’t really feel real, I mean I have never and most likely will never experience a normal year of high school. At the beginning of the pandemic I was super upset by this fact. It felt like my youth was confiscated from me and I know a lot of other students felt the same way. If I am elected, I really just want kids to feel like their teenage years weren’t wasted. I aim to not only expand opportunities but to highlight the connection that we have all collectively made due to our similar encounters with the current state of the world. Recognition and extension of this relationship is the only way to obtain a sense of normalcy again. We have been through so much together whether we realize it or not, let’s allow ourselves to be kids again, we’ve earned it. 


Jayara Shrestha

Hello everyone! My name is Jayara Shrestha (she/her) and I’m running to be Student Government Secretary for the 2022-23 school year. At school, I’m involved with SOAR, NHS, Science NHS, Sophomore Leadership, Sources of Strength, and I run track. I have a great passion for student government because it’s very enjoyable to be able to work behind the scenes of the big events Horizon has. My skill set has always found an outlet somewhere in the various work we do. From that, I’ve been able to help co-create the big spirit day posters to create simple action items that will make the events much smoother. I’m a very capable person as no task is too big for me to carry out. I believe that I’m best suited for secretary because of the versatility I bring from being able to make my own decisions on where there is support needed, but also being able to co-collaborate with my peers on the necessary topics. I have always strived to be someone who curates a safe environment for there, to be honest communication so that student government’s work can be improved. I see a lot of room for growth within student government through creating unity within the class, which will translate into producing more meaningful events for the school. If I’m elected, I plan to enact productive practices within the student government that will directly benefit the student body, including ones that will help facilitate the work, organize ourselves in a better manner, and engage our community for there to be more of what you want! If you have any questions about my goals, please reach out to me at A vote for me is a vote for a more purposeful student government! 

Allie Snodderly

Hi, I'm Allie Snodderly and I'm currently a Sophomore here at Horizon. I would love to have the honor of being your Student Body Secretary for my Junior year. I am a driven and social person who loves to try new things. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends, spending time with my family, and getting involved in my community. In middle school, I had leadership experience in an officer position for two years. I have spent my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school as a Student Government Representative observing the way our school runs and believe I am ready for an officer position. Within Horizon I am a part of Theatre, Choir, and the SOAR program. My goal if elected is to increase the voice of the student body and implement new ideas into the school while increasing overall engagement. I plan to provide students, teachers, and staff with a platform where they can submit concerns, feedback, and ideas to Student Government. This platform would be a way for members of Horizon to suggest things such as spirit day ideas, and new things the Horizon community wants to try. I truly believe that everyone in the school is important and should have the opportunity to represent themselves and be heard. I also hope to foster an increased sense of school spirit and connection. I want Horizon High School to be a strong community where we can collaborate to create a prosperous and fun environment. I would be eternally grateful if you allowed me to grow with you as Secretary next year! Feel free to contact me at


Natali Saldana-Baldwin

Hello! My name is Natali Saldana-Baldwin, and I am running to become the 2022-2023 Student Government Treasurer. Along with being a member of Student Government, I’m also a member of the La Sociedad Honoria Hispánica, play volleyball, and spend my free time volunteering and hanging out with my friends. I’m a big believer in personal responsibility and organization, and this shines through my consecutive semesters as a 4.0 Honor Roll student. As your next Treasurer, I will be responsible for managing and tracking the money that passes through our Student Government and how it is allocated to the events hosted by Student Government. I am most excited for this role because it allows me to become more involved in Student Government and the student body as a whole, while also playing to my strengths of organization, responsibility, and reliability. I look forward to the opportunity to serve my classmates and the student body as a whole, and I thank you for your vote! 

Emersen Strain 

Hi my name is Emersen Strain, I have been a member of Student Government for 2 years now. I love the class and I love the school. Horizon High School is such a special place and I want to continue and improve the success and development of Horizon High School. I know that given the opportunity of being Treasurer I can help create a positive and unified environment for Horizon through creating a culture of kindness, inclusion, and support to the students at the High School. I have long been a part of sports teams and I have personally seen a significant difference in teams where the culture is centered around kindness, inclusion, and support and teams who were not. I feel like if we create a culture here at Horizon High School where students, teachers, and admin are all at school to help one another we set ourselves up to become a stronger and more dynamic school. Because of my experience in student government, in various leadership groups throughout elementary, and middle school, and my involvement in sports I feel like I could use my knowledge to help create that same positive and successful community here at Horizon High School. I would love, love, love, your vote and support to allow me to be a part of the officer team in Student Government as a Treasurer. 

Communications Director

Halia Chavez-Maldonado

Hello! My name Is Halia Chavez-Maldonado, I'm running for Student Governments Communications director for the 2022-23 school year. The reason I want to be Communications director is  I have experience, I am accountable and sufficient to take this job. I am a hard worker and I strive to accomplish all of my goals, even if they are tough. I want to assist the opposite officials withinside the duties they want to perform. I will assist committees with school occasion planning. I want the Student Body to be extra informed about what goes on withinside the school, clubs, sports, and events. I additionally want to promote the sports withinside the school. Letting students know when to sign up for current clubs, and sports. To be connected with inside the school and what goes on such as fun events.

Savannah Deaguero

Hi, I am Savannah Deaguero and I am running for Communication Director. I am very involved in Horizon High School, I am in student government, I am a part of Horizon softball,  and I manage the girl’s basketball team. The reason I wish to serve the student body is that I believe that my voice is valuable and I can be a key asset to addressing their concerns to build a healthy environment that interacts with the student government. I have a good work ethic, compassion,  willingness to learn, and much more. All these qualities make me a great suit to represent the student body as the Communication Director.