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A Note From the Principal

I am so incredibly honored to serve as the Principal of Horizon High School. Having spent the last twenty years of my career at Horizon and in the field of education, I know how important it is to our students that they have a school environment where every student feels connected, valued, and respected for their diversity.

A little more about me... I am a proud wife, mother to three kids (two teens) and I am a Horizon alum- graduating in 1991. I then obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 1996, a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Secondary Literacy and finally a 2nd Masters in Administration from the University of Phoenix. Prior to embarking on my work in administration, I taught Social Studies and Reading for 13 years. I still consider myself a history nerd.

There are three core values that I believe that any public school should actively engage in order to move student achievement forward. These values are: embedding literacy and higher order thinking skills into all instruction, focusing on collaboration for post-secondary success, and leveraging social emotional skills to value integration/inclusion into the school environment.

  • Literacy/higher order thinking skills: No matter a student’s pathway after high school, he/she will be expected to communicate effectively. The ability to read complex texts of any genre, cite evidence and analyze/synthesize material is critical to success in life. Employers, professors, and even our peers evaluate our readiness for tasks based on our ability to read, write and speak intelligently. We will continue to reinforce and track these higher order literacy skills in all content areas to ensure our students are prepared for post-secondary success.

  • Collaboration: Increasingly our world is interconnected and one of interdependence; therefore, collaboration is critical. This collaboration occurs face-to-face and in the virtual space, often our students will be required to build collaborative relationships, work well in teams, and be reflective about their individual strengths/opportunities for growth when working with others. As a school we will continue to provide students with task where they can build, grow, and reflect on these skills in their course work and in co-curricular arenas.

  • Integration/Inclusion: Schools should be places where all students feel welcome and included, have the opportunity to interact with diverse learners, and experience unique learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom (co-curricular activities/clubs/athletics). All of these varied learning experiences and the lessons learned in these environments only broaden our learners’ abilities to cope with the complexities of life beyond the walls of high school. As a school we will continue to promote and look for ways to engage all students in connections that extend beyond the classroom. It is often these relationships and connections that make high school memorable.

I look forward to collaborating more with students, parents, and extended family that are all part of Hawk Nation! It is always a great day to be a HAWK!

#LoveMySchool  #EveryStudentEveryDay

Hawk Love,

-Mrs. Brady

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