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Monday, March 4th


  • Make sure you have a district issued chromebook as you will use them for both PRACTICE TEST DAY as well our STATE TESTING DAYS.
  • If you have your Chromebook is lost or broken please see Cheryl Johannsen or Mrs. Gallagher in the LMC to get this worked out! 

Register to Vote!

  • Students, are you 16 or older and want to register to vote?
  • If so, please see Mr Tonjes in the Main Office and get registered today. 

"Monday Night Football" Practices

  • Attention all student athletes interested in participating in football, the “Monday Night Football” practices are starting tonight.
  • Meet at the top grass fields at 7pm tonight. See Coach Woolfork with any questions.

Adams County Health Commission

  • Do you want an opportunity to help your community and make a positive impact? The Adams County Health Commission is for you! 
  • With meetings online only once every 2 weeks(currently) it won’t interrupt your life and you can work at your own pace. 
  • We will work on the vaping epidemic, teen drug use, teen alcohol consumption, mental health, the sugary beverage project and more! 
  • This is a great way to give back to your community. 
  • Email Mrs. Fleeman or Reilly King from Northglenn High School for more information and scheduling a listen in on a meeting!


  • Seniors if you are participating in the game of Senior Assassin we want to remind that this is not sponsored by Horizon however your actions on or off school grounds can lead to school based consequences.
  • Remember that bringing or using any type of facsimile on school grounds can lead to disciplinary actions. This includes water guns as well as orbee guns.
  • While we want you to have fun, please make sure you make smart choices. You are so close to the finish line.

Hawk Haven Cafe

Horizon’s own Hawk Haven Cafe is now open. Stop by periods one through three for a savory coffee to get you through your morning or a refreshing blend of fruit flavors alongside  our lemonades and teas.

Cold foam is now offered at the Hawk Haven Cafe to complement your coffee.

Stop by periods one through three and meet our kind staff and enjoy your choice of beverage.

Deans' Office Announcements

  • Passing periods are designed for locker use, restroom breaks, water breaks and moving from class to class while quickly saying hi to friends.

  • Leaving the classroom during instruction and activities is disruptive to the learning environment and is a distraction to others.

  • Asking to leave your classes should be minimal, not every class period and with teacher approval. 

  • When you leave a class during class-time, you need a pass each time when you enter the hallway.

  • Students CANNOT spend off hours near the auditorium entrance.
    That is NOT an off-hour location.  It is sad that students have been going there and dumping their lunches there, not picking up their trash, and thinking that is okay.  That is NOT Hawk PRIDE.  
  • If you are not locking up your scooter, bike, or skateboard, please know that the school cannot help you when it is stolen.  You will need to report it to law enforcement.  Again, If you are going to bring a scooter, bike, or skateboard to school, it must be locked up in the courtyard area otherwise, they are at risk of being stolen.   
  • Students help us take P.R.I.D.E. If you notice vandalism taking place around the school please report it. We do offer cash rewards for information that leads to the identification of vandals. So if you see something say something!


NO PARKING - East Lot, Near Mobiles

Students, please do not park in the East lot located near the mobiles. You will be ticketed and fined. 
This parking lot is for our Bright Horizons preschool families who have pick up and drop-off throughout the day. 

LMC Access & Hall Reminders

Students as a reminder there is no access to the Library from the student center during the class period. You must go to the library at the start of the period.

You may leave the library to go to the student center but not return to the library. Students are expected to be in an approved location when the bell rings. 

The approved areas are: 

  • Your Classroom
  • Library (LMC)
  • Student Center
  • Courtyard

No loitering in the halls or restrooms on your off hour. 

  1. Outside campus access is limited to the courtyard. Students are not allowed to walk around the building, hang out in parking lots or in their cars.
  2. Students returning from 7-11 make sure you enter through the front main entrance doors, there is no access through the mobile entry.
  3. Please be aware that Students cannot park in the Fine Arts / Kitchen Staff parking spots in the Junior lot. These spots are reserved for staff members. Thank you.