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The Path4Ward Program, established by SB21-106, allows students from low-income households who graduate early to receive funding for postsecondary education or training programs during what would have been their fourth year of high school. Postsecondary programs may be college enrollment or approved workplace learning programs like internships and apprenticeships. You can find local registered workplace learning programs at MyColoradoJourney.

Participating students will receive funds depending on the semester of their graduation. 3-year graduates will receive a one-time scholarship of $4,113.38, while 3.5-year graduates will receive a scholarship amount of $2,468.03. Student funds will first be used to pay tuition, fees, or other expenses within the institution. Unspent funds may then be used by the student for other qualifying expenditures, including textbooks, equipment, or transportation.

For more information, see the Path4Ward site on CDE.

PDF file: Path4Ward English

Details of Path4Ward program

PDF file: Path4Ward Spanish