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Parking Information

Go get your parking passes in the Deans' office

Let’s Talk Parking Permits: 

Students and staff who will be parking on our compass during the school day MUST have a permit. 

  • Sophomores/Juniors/Seniors may purchase a parking permit at the August check-in only if they have passed ALL of their classes in the Spring.
  • Parking Permit fee is $50/yr prorated by semester 
  • Parking permits can be lost due to problems with grade, behavioral problems, and/or motor vehicle violation as determined by their dean
  • Anyone who will be driving more than one vehicle needs a permit for each vehicle. Students will not have to pay additional fees. 

Dirt Lot: 

  • Students who do not wish to buy a parking permit can park in the dirt lot
  • Dirt lot permits are free and available in the dean’s office 
  • Those with Dirt Lot Permits may ONLY park in the Dirt Lot
  • Vehicles parked without a parking permit, improperly parched, or parked illegally will be ticketed or fined

Warning/Fining System: Misuse of parking privileges will result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning, police citation, and permanent loss of privilege and/or towing at the owner’s expense. 

  • 1st time - Warning 
  • 2nd time - $10.00
  • 3rd time - $20.00
  • 4th time - $30.00
  • 5th time - $40.00
  • 6th time - $40.00 and permit revoked 
  • Every time thereafter - $40.00

Steps for Purchasing Parking Permit: 


  • No F’s on the date the student requests approval as determined by proof of current grades (only quarter or semester grades will be considered)

  • Good attendance as determined by the student having no more than 10 unexcused periods per quarter.


  1. Students will begin with their dean, who will check the student’s grades and attendance. If appropriate, an approval form will be signed and given to the student.

  2. Take approval form to the bookkeepers along with cash or a check of $50 made out to Horizon High School. Can also be paid for on PayForIt. 

  3. Get receipt from bookkeeper. (Note: All outstanding fine and fees must be paid prior to student requesting a permit receipt) 

  4. Bring receipt, drivers license, car registration, and proof of insurance to the Dean secretary who will issue the permit. 

  5. This is expected to be done during a students lunch or off period. 

Parking Permit Placement:

  • Parking permits must be stuck to the back of the rear view mirror (regular permits) or hung from the back of the rear view mirror (dirt lot permits) and be visible from the outside.