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SEES - Driver's Ed.

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SEES, ENT is contracted through CODMV, (Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle) for the following certified Colorado Driver Education Programs.

The award winning 30 hour on-line driver education program, sponsored by designed for students age 14 years 6 months.

The only 30 hour driver education hybrid classroom program. Available once students reach age 14 years 6 months; this program is in English and Spanish.

Any student completing any 30 hour program will earn .25 units of credit towards graduation.

SEES, ENT will provide the following programs:

  • A 4 hour expanded driver education program. Also provided in English and Spanish, (designed for students 15 years 6 months to 16 years of age).
  • A 30 hour driver education program for deaf students.
  • Test the students for their driver permit.
  • CDL (Commercial Drivers License), for high school students.

These services are available to any person in the state of Colorado.

SEES, ENT is a full service training and testing company for the transportation industry as well as the individual driver.