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2021 YEARBOOKS ARE HERE! Books can be picked up or purchased ($75, cash or check) at the ticket booth  in the main lobby during 6th hour the week of May 10; beyond that, our bookkeeper, Brittany Clear, can help you on regular school days after school from 3:30 - 4:00. Please email me with any questions at

Class Info:

Yearbook is a year-long elective class open to 10th - 12th graders by application. In this class, students are responsible for taking photos & conducting interviews both during and outside the regular school day. This is a great class for students who are interested in getting more involved in the school community, meeting more people, and building photography & writing skills. Please contact Ms. Root for further information.

Yearbook Adviser:
Alison Root


Order before January 1, 2021 for the best pricing and personalization options. We will have a limited number of extra books available at distribution, so make sure to order before February in order to guarantee a book. We do sell out!


SENIOR RECOGNITION ADS  (aka "baby ads") are a great way to pay tribute to your senior. Deadline to order is NOVEMBER 17; however, an early bird discount is available for those who order by OCTOBER 20.  Please contact The Yearbook Company for details or to order. When prompted, enter Horizon's main phone number: 7209724400.


Senior Photo requirements: Seniors are free to select any photo. As long as the image is digital (300 dpi jpeg), we can work with almost any school appropriate image. Please note that we will crop the photo as necessary to approximate a vertical head shot and to best maintain the flow of the page; consider this when selecting horizontal photos, full body photos and/or photos with props. If the selected photo is inappropriate or otherwise unusable, the yearbook staff will contact the student and/or parent to have them select an alternate.

Click here for further information about SENIOR PHOTO requirements and deadlines as well as instructions for submitting a QUOTATION to accompany the photo. Click here to browse through the ads for photographers who support Horizon. The deadline for uploading senior photos is  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20. 

UPLOAD SENIOR PHOTOS here. You will enter the student's name which will automatically tag it in our system. You do not need to enter a description for the photo. Unless you receive an error message, the image has successfully uploaded. You should also receive an email confirmation that your image was received. 

Please DO NOT submit quotations via this link; see the above for instructions on submitting a quotation separately. 

Unfortunately, with over 450 seniors, we are unable to confirm receipt of individual photos; however, rest assured that the yearbook staff will make every effort to ensure you have the opportunity to get the photo of your choice in the book. We will contact seniors and their parents in January about missing photos or any other problems.

To share other photos, please just email them to Alison Root at

2020 BOOKS

Still need to pick up last year's yearbook? Please contact me when we return to hybrid or in-person learning. Thanks!

Questions? Please email me. Thank you!